Si (Amorphous Nano Si)




Bulk density(g/cm3)

Crysting form






Amorphous Spherical

Reddish brown


Amorphous Nano Silica powder has high purity, good dispersibility, small particle size, uniform distribution, large specific surface area, high surface activity and low bulk density. Amorphous Amorphous Nano Silicon powder can be compounded with metal elements (such as iron, copper, etc.) at high temperature, and then carbon layer can be coated on the surface of the particles. The results show that the structure of silicon carbon composite is amorphous, so the cycle performance of silicon carbon anode material will be better. Because the elemental metal does not react with lithium, the first effect of the nano silicon carbon anode material is also high.

1. Graphite coated on the surface of nano silicon powder was used as silicon carbon anode material of rechargeable lithium battery, which increased the capacitance and charge discharge cycle times of rechargeable lithium battery by more than three times. Nano silicon powder has high theoretical specific capacity (up to 4200 MAH / g), which is much higher than that of carbon materials;

2. Nano silicon particles / silicon oxide nanostructures were designed on the nano silicon substrate to realize the photoluminescence in the main bands from near ultraviolet to near infrared and low threshold voltage electroluminescence under forward or reverse bias voltage. The photoluminescence and electroluminescence models were proposed, which laid the foundation for the realization of silicon-based optoelectronic integration.


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