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The product has high purity, small particle size, uniform distribution, large specific surface area, high surface activity, low bulk density; it has a transition metal oxide with high conductivity, high melting point and high chemical stability, and can be co heated with hydrogen above 500 ℃ to obtain metal molybdenum.

1. Molybdenum dioxide is a transition metal oxide with high conductivity, high melting point and high chemical stability. Its efficient charge transfer characteristics make it widely used in catalysts, sensors, electrochromic displays, recording materials, electrochemical supercapacitors, Li ion batteries and field emission materials.
2. The free electron density in the valence band of molybdenum dioxide is high, which improves the catalytic activity of MO4 +, and makes molybdenum dioxide show good catalytic performance. It has been widely used in catalytic materials, such as partial oxidation of isooctane as catalyst.

Application of sensors

The results show that ZrO2 (MgO) as solid electrolyte and MgO + MgFe2O4 as auxiliary electrode materials can be used to form an electrochemical sensor for the determination of iron content.

Application of supercapacitor

3. As a kind of metal oxide with high conductivity, molybdenum dioxide has a high carrier conduction rate. The tunnel like voids in its crystal structure are also conducive to the rapid insertion and desorption of charged particles. Moreover, molybdenum dioxide is rich in Mo resources, with many preparation methods and low cost, so it is a good candidate for supercapacitor materials.
4. Molybdenum dioxide is a kind of wide band gap semiconductor, which can be used to make field emission devices.

Application of anode materials for lithium batteries

5. The special distorted rutile crystal structure of molybdenum dioxide is conducive to the insertion and desorption of Li ions in the materials. The highly reversible capacity makes it a research hotspot in the field of battery. It is found that highly ordered mesoporous molybdenum dioxide prepared by nanotechnology has high reversible capacity and good rate characteristics, which proves that molybdenum dioxide has a better application in Li ion batteries Great potential.


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